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Automatic Pallet Wrapper


Model: xx-xx

We offer automatic pallet stretch wrap machine (wrapping machine) suitable for quick transporting and storing. It has good adaptability, high efficiency and low electricity-consumption which decreases the labor intensity. Our stretch wrap machine protects the packaging from dust and damp, and also offers clean packaging. It decrease scratches of the package, improves surface quality, and make packaging more secure.


    Model:XT-4503 Stretch Wrap Machine(Wrapping Machine) - Automatic
  • Turntable motor: 0.75kw
  • Film-rack lift motor: 0.18kw
  • Power supply: 220/380V/50Hz
  • Dimension(L×W×H): 1510×2500×2600mm (ModelXT4503 press-rack height is not accounted in)
  • Max packing height: 2100mm (can make it as per required size)
  • Max packing weight: 2000kg (can make it as per required size)
  • Diameter of turntable: 1500mm (can make it as per required size)
  • Net weight: 530kg(Weight of press-rack is not accounted in)

    We can also make the machine according to clients' requirements.

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